404 Yoruba House Project – A Centre for the Preservation of Yoruba Heritage in Canada

Welcome, Ekabo

 ILE Orunmila Bara Agbonmiregun

IFA has ordained that a Yoruba House be built up for the enhancement of Yoruba heritage in Nigeria, and the Diaspora
We are dedicating ourselves to the wishes of the Orisha, in making sure the will be fulfilled . “Isese ko ni baje, Odua a gbe wa o”.
Yoruba House Project:
  • Cultural centre for the preservation of Yoruba heritage
  • Host workshops and ceremonies
  • Host visiting Yoruba spiritual leaders
  • Organize events in the celebrations of the Orishas
  • Initiate projects for the economic enhancement of all Orisha people worldwide
  •  women cooperative marketing
  • Zebulon  Cup youth skills training project.
Thank you for your Support.  Ashé